Lessons for engaging researchers in a violence prevention platform

There is growing interest in how the Violence Prevention Forum works and whether the methodology is transferable.

10 MAY 2024  

The Violence Prevention Forum (VPF) is a multisectoral platform that supports the use of evidence to inform violence prevention in South Africa. There is growing interest in the VPF model locally and internationally – how it works, why organisations participate, whether the methodology is transferable, and what lessons have been learnt for multisectoral collaboration and dialogue. Using case studies, this report documents the experiences of the research sector in the VPF.

About the author


Jody van der Heyde is the global INSPIRE Working Group Coordinator and a Research Consultant in the Justice and Violence Prevention Programme at the Institute for Security Studies.

This report is funded by the World Childhood Foundation. The VPF is supported by funding from the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. The ISS is also grateful for support from the members of the ISS Partnership Forum: the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the European Union, the Open Society Foundations and the governments of Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Jody van der Heyde Violence Prevention


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