Providing South African crime information and trends at national, provincial, municipal and local level.

Crime Hub – Mapping crime statistics

Crime Hub maps provide crime statistics for each municipality, district and precinct in South Africa. It spans several reporting years, and covers various violent and property crime categories.


About this map’s data: The SAPS releases crime statistics per financial year, covering the period 1 April to 31 March of the following year. View the crime definitions here.


To learn how the mapping system works, watch the video.

Crime Hub – Population data

This map provides 2011 census statistics for each precinct in South Africa.


When using the map, results will appear both on the map, and in a graph below the map.


About this map’s data: The methodology used to model the census data to the police precincts is described in SA Crime Quarterly Issue 51.


Discover how the map works by watching the video.


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